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AF French Film Festival

Special guest writer Kristin Wood, editorial manager for A Woman’s Paris™

All of us at A Woman’s Paris are very excited to attend the Minneapolis/St. Paul Alliance Française‘s French Short Film Festival, which kicks off this weekend with an opening night cocktail party atAster Café in Northeast Minneapolis. It’s not only a fantastic opportunity to check out some of the newest talent in French cinema; it’s also an opportunity to dress up – and as any chic Madeline living in the Midwest knows, when you see a chance to bring a bit of Parisienne to your Midwestern city, you take it!

You may also enjoy A Woman’s Paris™ blog, Imperfect Perfection: The New Frenchwoman, about the “undone” makeup look, and the “de-blinging” of luxury items. And what better place to introduce these tow trends on a grand scale than Paris?

Or, Scarves à la Françoise: The Lingua Franca for Stylish Women, about Frenchwoman and how they wear their scarves. The ubiquitous nature of women and scarves: our common language.

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