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Paris snowfall, by Bénédicte Mahé

Paris snowfall, by Bénédicte Mahé

(French) Snow has always been something magical. But snow in Paris is even more special because it is so rare. This rarity transforms the event of snow into something extraordinary (and borderline weird): almost all of my Facebook friends living in Paris posted a picture of a snowy Parisian street. I am pretty sure Instagram registered a peak in pictures of snow from Parisian users last week!

On the outside, I may have appeared composed, but mentally I had become a 5-year-old. I am no Parisian, but in Brittany, snow is still pretty rare since we are near the sea. And to think that, back in 2006, my winter in Wisconsin was “warm” because it was only 5 degrees Fahrenheit. I had never had such a winter in my entire life (in Brittany it generally rains during the winter) so I was the only one wearing snow boots to school! The other students must have remembered me as the French girl who did not uphold the French standards of effortless chic or stylishness…

Paris in the snow, by Bénédicte Mahé

Paris in the snow, by Bénédicte Mahé

The fact that it snowed so heavenly on a Sunday augmented the effect a snow day would have had on a regular day. Sundays are generally quiet, but this one was so calmed, so hushed—every sound was softened. It had snowed so much it crunched when you walked on the sidewalk. Paris felt clean and silent. It was an amazing feeling.

Bénédicte Mahé has studied abroad many times, speaks four languages (French, English, German and Italian), and earned a Master of Management of cultural goods and activities, as well as a Master’s degree in intercultural communications and cooperation. She wishes to work in philanthropy for cultural institutions or non-profit organizations. Among her interests are drinking tea, cooking (with or without success), reading, watching TV shows, and—of course—shopping. She started her blog Tribulations Bretonnes in 2010 and has been updating it (more or less regularly) since then.

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