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In the interviews we highlight — from Dr. Fatima Araki, founder of l’Union Automobile Club du Maroc and Rallye des Colombes (Rally of the Doves) in Morocco, who writes about the opportunity for women to test their courage and strength; to Catherine Watson, acclaimed travel writer and photographer who has been a pioneer voice in travel writing for American newspapers, who shares with us that which sparks her interest in other cultures as a solo traveler on assignment; to Christine Loÿs, documentary filmmaker and independent journalist who played an important role in communications during the Transantarctic expedition led by Will Steger and Dr. Jean-Louis Etienne, on the importance of never underestimating yourself, yet remaining realistic — each woman shares a matter of style and manner characteristic to her in a particular place and period in the life of a civilization.

Dr. Fatima Araki on the automobile rally, Rallye des Colombes in Morocco, created for women by women

(French) Dr. Fatima Araki, clinician psychologist and neuropsychologist, worked as a psychotherapist at the psychiatric University Hospital Center Ar-Razi Rabat-Salé in Morocco, as the Head of the research laboratory and taught clinical psychology from 1987 to 2005. She was trained in the USA on medical care and treatment of drug addicts and delinquents and now works as a psychotherapist in the private sector.

Dr. Fatima Araki is also an active member of several social and cultural associations, including the Moroccan League of Child Protection and the Committee of Rabat Salé-Association Bouregreg.

Araki is the first Moroccan woman to be the president and founder of a motor racing club in 2001 (Union Automobile Club of Morocco) and the first Moroccan woman to organize rallies in Morocco. (Read Dr. Fatima Araki’s full interview in A Woman’s Paris® in English and in French versions.)

French Impressions: Catherine Watson on literary travel writing and memoir

Catherine Watson is a travel writer, photographer and writing coach who teaches literary travel writing and memoir in university-level workshops in the United States and abroad.

She was the first Travel Editor at the Minneapolis Star Tribune and remained its chief travel writer and photographer from 1978 to 2004.

Her travel essays have appeared in 14 anthologies and two of her own collections, “Home on the Road’’ (Syren, 2007) and “Roads Less Traveled,” (Syren, 2005). Both were Minnesota Book Awards finalists.

Watson’s national awards include the top two in her field – The Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) Photographer of the Year. (Read Catherine Watson’s full interview in A Woman’s Paris®.)

French Impressions: Christine Loÿs and her passion for travel and modern exploration

Christine Loÿs and Will Steger

Christine Loÿs and Will Steger

Christine Loÿs, documentary filmmaker and author, lives in Paris, France. After working as a teacher, she became an independent journalist and has been a contributor to many kinds of media, including television, for more than 30 years. She developed her writing skills primarily in the medical press on health and medical topics. She has also written about current affairs and economics for women’s magazines like Marie-Claire, as well as more political ones such as L’événement du Jeudi under Jean-François Khan, Jeune Afrique and the Medef Magazine.

Christine became a filmmaker with Doctors Without Borders, encouraged by Dr. Antoine Crouan, who introduced her to the famous organization Médecins sans Frontières, and Dr. Marie-Thérèse Basse, who was the first woman to become an MD in Senegal. She has been involved in more than 50 broadcast stories for French National Television and played an important role in communications during the Transantarctica expedition led by Will Steger and Dr. Jean-Louis Etienne. This specific work got her acquainted with many other explorers in addition to Will Steger. It was also her first visit to Minnesota (1986).
Christine LOŸS fulfills her desire to travel by writing about President Obama’s reforms, as well as Al Gore’s movements. She recently wrote a book together with Will Steger and she is preparing a documentary about modern exploration. Her many past assignments provide her with a personal knowledge of the polar explorers, of whom she has written many stories, and with whom she has formed strong ties. Her numerous travels and contacts in the US and Canada facilitate work on various subjects concerning the history and culture of the French Voyageurs, and what is left from them through their descendants in Minnesota. (Read Christine Loÿs full interview in A Woman’s Paris®.)
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