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Mae West once said “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”

While I’m fairly certain she wasn’t specifically talking about the myriad ways one can wear a large silk scarf, I do think of this quote every time I wrap one around my neck/shoulders/waist. Thank goodness for my girlfriend, L, who knew to ask for Les Cartes à Nouer from the clerk at the Hermès store when we bought our scarves as souvenirs during our last trip to Paris.

Without the Knotting Cards, I would never have thought to tie my scarf as a turban/bag – nor would I have had the slightest idea how to begin! Unfortunately, I heard a rumor that these cards are no longer available for purchase; on the bright side, however, the blogosphere has documented several versions of them: check out Hermès’ Knotting Cards online for step-by-step tying instructions, and/or check out another set here.

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You may also enjoy A Woman’s Paris™ blog, Scarves à la Françoise: The Lingua Franca for Stylish Women, about Frenchwoman and how they wear their scarves. The ubiquitous nature of women and scarves: our common language.

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