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I’m already looking forward to the excitement of Paris Fashion Week, which takes place next week (January 23-26) in various locations across the City of Light. Although I won’t physically be in attendance, I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on every show.

One of my favorite jewelry designers, Lizzie Fortunato (of Lizzie Fortunato Jewels) will be showcasing her pre-fall collection at the Valery Demure Showroom (24 Rue Rene Boulanger, Paris). Each of Lizzie’s collections is distinctive, as each season is inspired by a unique character and adventure, and they are all strikingly cosmopolitan. I love envisioning her pieces for each Parisian woman:

Pour la branchée of the Left Bank, those trendy women who will attend the airy Christophe Josse and zany Maurizio Galante shows:

[Lizzie Fortunato Jewels Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test Necklace]

Pour la look intello who will fit in shows like Elie Saab between classes at the Sorbonne:

[Lizzie Fortunato Jewels Le Smoking Necklace]

Pour l’avant garde, who wouldn’t dare miss Adeline André, nor a jewelry or accessories show like Dior Joaillerie:

[Lizzie Fortunato Jewels Midnight Waltz Pin]

Pour la BCBG (bon chic bon genre), whose day will undoubtedly revolve around Chanel‘s show:

[Lizzie Fortunato Jewels Bombas Necklace]

American readers can find retailers of Lizzie Fortunato Jewels here. International readers can find retailers of Lizzie Fortunato Jewels here.

You may also enjoy A Woman’s Paris™ blog, French Empress Eugénie and her diamonds, about Empress Eugénie, the wife of Napoleon III, who lusted after diamonds. She was a compulsive bejeweled clotheshorse and known as the most stylish woman of her day. In 1885, when the Empress wore the new cage crinolines, European fashion followed suite. When persuaded by her legendary couturier, Charles Worth, to abandon the huge skirts nearly twenty-five years later, the silhouette of womens’ dresses adopted her style.

Or French Crown Jewels: Empress Eugénie, about the collapse of the Second Empire in 1870 and what became of the disposed Empress’ many pieces from the French Crown Jewels and her private jewelry collection, including her favorite the “Eugénie diamond.”

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